Hi Amy,
Please find attached picture to show you our problem with a recently serviced Pack22-TA compressor.  Can you offer any explanation
for why this would be happening? There seems to be oil getting into main air tank & you can see in photo it coming out
of the drain.  I await your reply.
Kind regards,
Luke Simmons
Hi Luke Simmons
 If find too much lubricate oil go out to air tank,  the possible reasons are follows
1.oil separator is fail, normally replace separator every 2000hrs running time, its better replace oil and oil filter at same time.
2.Fill too much oil into compressor, the suitable oil level is between oil view glass range max-min
3.Oil return valve (one-way valve) blocked, clean or replace it
4.Working pressure is always too low,  less than 0.6Mpa
5.Bad lubricate oil be used, take too much foam when compressor running
Best Regards

Regular maintance need(1 year/ 4000 hrs), for pack5 and pack7 screw compressor

Hi Bill,
here is the order:
Pack5-TA 230V 1 Phase 60Hz (Invoice #: DMC-inv20100216)
F9-2, F7-2, F5-2 (Invoice #: DMC-inv20100217)
Also we need the replacement filters for Pack7. For that I dont have the part # and no price/invoice. No rush on that one, but if you can send it in one shippment, we can save shipping cost.
周四 2010/2/18, 22:08
Hi Georg
regular maintance need(1 year/ 4000 hrs), for pack5 and pack7 screw compressor
intake filter   2pcs   
oil filter        2pcs   
oil/air separator  2pcs  
V belt  2pcs
Synthetic lubricate oil  10liters

of course , you don't pay extra shipping cost if send together with compressor.

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